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What in the world is a davenport?

My daughter Kara had a good friend growing up who used to spend a lot of time in our home. She would often “sleep over” and the girls would play and giggle until the wee hours of the morning.

I overheard her tell Kara about visits with her grandmother, who lived somewhere up north, way up north, where car is pronounced caarrrr, and you want a pop? (aka as Coke) She told of spending the night on visits to her home and her grandmother would say in a very northern accent, “ Laura, you’ll sleep here on the davenport!” Laura would giggle, and explain how she never knew quite where she would be sleeping,
but always ended up on the couch.

Once, just a few years ago, at First Fruit, we had an elderly northern customer who also needed a davenport. She came to the counter and said “I need a davenport!” All the girls just looked at each other as though she was ordering a mixed drink or something. While they were trying to find the recipe for a “davenport”, I proceeded to show her our line of sofas, couches, divans, sleepers. lounges, fainting couches, sectionals, love seat, settees, and anything else that would fit her small frame.

Did you ever consider how many names there are for the same thing? Have you ever tried to act like you knew what someone was asking for when you had no idea at all. You pretend to follow the conversation, hoping secretly inside that the more they talk, somehow you will get enough clues to figure it out. You don’t want to appear dumb or uninformed, but you are totally clueless.Maybe it is just me . . . . .

Over the years at First Fruit we have heard many strange renditions of some of the following words:

Toile: Tulle, Tole, Twat (oh my)
Cache’ Pot: Cashiers Pot, Cash Pot, Tin thing with feet

Ikat: Eekat, Eye Dog, Squiggly runny southwestern print

Sconce: Scones, Bracket things

Matlesse’: Matsey, Mattingly, Quilt thing

Rush Seat: Grassy woven stuff, Woven cardboard rope, or wicker

Just thought you would like a little humor today. It goes to show that we all try new words from time to time, sometimes not quite sure how they are pronounced or the meaning. Hope this made you smile and think happy thoughts today. Now come in to see us at First Fruit . . . we have a lot of new davenports on the floor!

Happy Decorating,


Posted by Meagan Walley at 3:20 PM