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First Fruit Collection will be changing ownership as of March 1, 2012.

I would like to introduce the new owner to you. Her name is Ashley

Toney. She will graduate with an Interior Design degree in the

Spring of 2012. Ashley has been employed at First Fruit Collection

almost 2 years, and during this time she has been working along

side of me. She has been the main buyer at every market since

her employment began. She has also encouraged me to make

changes to FFC such as remove carpeting, paint walls with

continuity, move bookcases and walls, focus on larger items,

and introduce our customers to higher end lines.

Ashley portrays wisdom well beyond her years. I have been

amazed at her “buying eye”, always purchasing items at market

that sell out first. This first started as a contest between us, but

it didn’t take me long to see that she has excellent taste and knows

what will sell. Her endurance at market has also amazed me,

sometimes shopping 12 hours straight, never whining (except

when I want to check out a showroom she thinks “looks cheap”).

She has assisted me in every facet of our store, including

sewing, displaying, ordering, christmas set-up, warehousing,

and everything else that can happen at FFC. I am confident

that she will continue to make FFC a favorite shop for all

of our loyal customers. I love FFC, it has been like my child

for 13 years, and will continue to work with Ashley in this

transition. I will remain employed as an employee and

designer and will continue to assist in buying at market trips.

This change for me is a happy one. I am now a grandmother

of a sweet 2 year old granddaughter, Maggie. My youngest

daughter, Ashley, will be married in May of 2012. My husband,

Vince will be starting a new business in the Spring of 2012.

I am the main caregiver of my mother, Nell, who is suffering

from Alzheimer’s. I have come to the point in my life that I

don’t actually have a life apart from FFC. I need to step

away from the responsibility and focus on caring for

those people God has placed in my life at this time.

I ask you all for your support of this change. I am

confident that you will love Ashley as much as I do.

Happy Decorating,


Posted by Meagan Walley at 3:14 PM