"Happy Valentines Day, Where is Your Heart?"

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"Happy Valentines Day, Where is Your Heart?"

As First Fruit Collection under my ownership is winding
down, I find myself reflecting on all the years that have
come and gone and all the joys, heartaches, laughter,
births, adoptions, deaths, stories, diets, contests,
counseling, marriages, and most of all the memories
that are associated with this wonderful place. I step
down with an expectation of great things to come and
feel blessed to be part of a new chapter. I look forward
to my role as designer and employee. I will stand
beside Ashley as she takes on her role as owner, and
be there to hold her up as she gets settled in her new
position. I pray you will accept her and the changes
with anticipation and excitement.

I will continue to blog for “Your Home Can Be Happy”,
I still have much to say! One last thing I will say to
you is where is your heart? Does Jesus have a place
there. He came to live in my heart when I was 8 years
old. Ever since then he has been so real to me. He
has forgiven my sins and has a place prepared for me
in heaven to live eternally with Him. As our relationship
developed, he has responded to my concerns with
understanding and guidance. He helped me be a good
student, wife, mother, daughter and friend. He always
assured me that I was His and He loved me. He has
given me courage to take steps of faith and do things
I thought I couldn’t do on my own. I’ll admit I wasn’t
as faithful to our relationship as He was, but even in
those times I always was aware that I could call His
name and He would always respond. Over and over
again He has verified His realness, an inner voice inside
of me, knowing who He is and that He is real.

If you don’t have this personal relationship with Jesus,
you can. He is waiting for you to respond. It is as
simple as a prayer to ask Him to live in your heart and
forgive your sins.

True joy comes by walking daily with Him. He is my
joy, my strength and my salvation. I pray that He is
yours too.

Happy Decorating,


Posted by Meagan Walley at 4:34 PM