Away to Market we go.....

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Away to Market we go.....

We are back from the Atlanta Gift Show
We seemed to have endured the ice and the snow.

Our flight was on time even with the bad weather
Our luggage was not at all as light as a feather.

Our first stop . . . our favorite Christmas store
All they had to offer was such a bore.

Their decor was shiny and polka dot with a lot of pink
What would we do . . . what would you think?

What were we do do . . . our
spirits were low
What would we do . . . where would we go?

All we were seeing was seen once before
We can't have that . . . we wanted something more.

Shopping, searching, pondering, where was
our new look
Nothing was appealing . . . we still searched the book.

Finally we found a showroom with our new style
Myra, oh Myra put this in our file.

We had shopped for twelve long hours that day
Our new look is starting to come togeth
er I must say.

Begging our vendors for customs . . . made especially "just for us"
This needs to be longer . . . it is simply a must.

HA HA HA the Chinese man did say
But Lisa kept insisting, it must be this way.

A new look was found for these three tired girls,
Ashley, Myra and Lisa had lost all their curls.

Next Christmas you'll be happy and glad
That we shopped so hard . . . it wasn't so bad.

Market was fun . . . but we sure are tired,
Next year when it arrives, you will stand and admire.

Posted by Meagan Walley at 8:31 PM