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It's Time to Decorate for Fall

It is that time of year once again, there is a nip in the air,
especially in the early morning . . . that wonderful feeling
of getting to wear a sweatshirt again on that morning walk.
It is always hard to know when to put your fall decor out,
especially outdoors when my geraniums look so beautiful
and full . . . I simply can't replace them just yet with Fall
mums and pansies. Now my impatiens are another story,
they have seen better days . . . so long and leggy.

I started last weekend in my home with putting away
my summer floral arrangements indoors, nests with eggs,
summer pillows, etc. It is so hard for me to put things
away that I love, but I will enjoy them again next Spring.
Fall has always been a hard season for me to decorate
indoors. My home has never welcomed orange . . . or
brown . . . they are not as happy as the colors that I
use in my home. . . Oh the dilemma!

I have learned to use green gourds, pumpkins, natural
wheat, etc. to bring the look of fall indoors.

My back porch is an extension of my home. We use
it as much as we use our family room. We love to
watch the deer, turkey, hummingbirds, and enjoy
all of God's beauty.

I switched out my pillows on my porch to a fall
owl with a brown polka dot contrast trim.

Pumpkin candy jars complete with our favorite candy,
you never know when a trick or treater will come by.
Or maybe Vince will need a midnight snack!

I hated to take away my geraniums just yet,
my scarecrow got a new bow this year . . .
brown and cream silk check. He is so
happy to welcome all of our back door guests.

My orange wreaths look spectacular on my cream
house with taupe doors. Never mind my urns . . .
they are getting an overhaul this weekend.

Our back entrance is welcoming with my welcome sign.

My kitchen hutch also received it's annual redo, I
just love dishes, it is so fun to get to display them.

Decorating is such a passion for me . . . I just love
seeing things different in my home. I purposely never
use things the same way each year, that is boring
to me. I love experimenting with a different look
every year. That is why you must come to our
Christmas home tour this year . . . things will
definitely change . . . you will be amazed!

So, this weekend, get out your fall decor, or
come buy something new at First Fruit . . . and
welcome this beautiful season.

Happy Decorating,


Posted by Meagan Walley at 3:27 PM