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I remember the way Christmas smelled as a child. . . . . . cinnamon and fresh cut
fir brings me back to my childhood every time. . . . . . I love to burn candles with
these scents around the holidays.

I remember the way my Grandmothers house smelled . . . . cedar paneling . . .
mixed with made from scratch chocolate cake . . . . . and the scent of Dove
soap in her bathroom. I always remember my MaMa when I open a new box
of Dove soap.

I remember my favorite Sunday School teacher in 3rd grade at Trinity Free
Will Baptist Church who taught me the books of the Bible . . . .she always wore
dresses with invisible zippers and she always smelled of Estee Lauder Youth
Dew. I always think of her in the department stores when I pass the cosmetic

I remember my father . . . . he smelled of a mix of cigarette smoke, coffee with
sugar and cream, and oil. I can't stand any of these smells to this day
and am instantly taken back to my childhood when I smell any of these. Not
the happiest of days . . .

The sense of smell is one that evokes memories the most. . . . over sight, sound,
touch or taste. It can instantly take you back in time and stir memories that
are associated with particular smells. Good or bad . . . . they cannot be erased.

One of my favorite scents to use in my home . . . the only scent I have ever used
consistently is Claire Burke Original. It is a spicy and floral smell that has never
been duplicated. It outsells all other fragrances for Claire Burke. I have always
purchased this at a store here in Collierville called Pot Pourri. The store closed
a few years ago and I have been lost. I have searched everywhere for this scent.
I have a friend who has kept me supplied from the naval base in Millington.
They sold out . . . maybe due to my obsession . . . so back to the search.

At market this year, we decided to carry this wonderful product. If not for any

one else, but for me. I am delighted to introduce this scent to you . . . if you
are not familiar . . . come by and take a smell . . . hopefully you will love it as
much as I do.

We carry the room spray, candles, plug in fragrance and refills, and the diffusers.
Hope to see you soon. Happy Decorating, Lisa

Posted by Meagan Walley at 6:23 PM