Christmas sneek peek!

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Christmas sneek peek!

Elf Hats for Tree Toppers, we also have the matching shoes to set beside the bed or on the hearth , Oh So Cute!

Cute ribbon and door arrangements! Amazing at always!
You will love our Grinch Greenery, what a find this year at market!
Spectacular ribbon wreaths . . . . Soooooooo AMAZING!
Christmas is a magical time of year. I always look forward to getting out the boxes of decorations and reminiscing about where I got a particular ornament. Oh, that was the cute snowman I won at "Dirty Santa" at our Sunday School party, or look at the cute elf I found on our trip to the beach several years ago, remembering that cute Christmas store . . . . oh the memories. They are all like old friends that I haven't seen in a while . . . . slipping my mind completely until I see them again . . . . and then a smile . . . . I love them just as much as ever. I never see it as a chore as some people do, I absolutely enjoy every minute of it. I love finding different places in my home for my decorations each year, mixing it up and always adding something new to make me smile. As many of you know how we do Christmas at First Fruit . . . . it is always HAPPY. It is whimsical with lots of polka dots, harlequins, bright lime green and true red. It is not serious, rich, sophisticated or stuffy. Our Christmas style is one that will transform all ages to a child like state and make even the most grumpy person smile. It is guaranteed to transform any Scrooge to a cheerful elf. Speaking of elves, our elves have worked so hard for the last several months painting, sewing, ruffling, appliqueing, designing, pricing, storing, wrapping, and everything else it takes to have a beautiful "Open House." Our ideas are amazing . . . I think you will love what we have in store for your home this Christmas. We are even carrying "Elf on the Shelf" this year . . . and we have a special "Elf Tree" that is amazing. We have went a little elf crazy . . . but it is Oh So Cute! We are looking forward to seeing all of you next week at our annual "Open House". Merry Decorating, Lisa

Posted by Meagan Walley at 6:29 PM