Leave a Legacy

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Leave a Legacy

I was sad to learn of the death of Barbara Billingsley this past week.
I loved to watch Leave it to Beaver every weekday afternoon. June
Cleaver was the perfect Mom. She kept a spotless house, cooked
full course meals, and always looked beautiful. I am still amazed
how she managed to do all her chores in those stylish dresses,
high heels and pearls . . . .with every hair in place. I was also sad to hear of the death of Tom Bosley this past week.
I also loved to watch Happy Days on Friday evenings. Howard
Cunningham was a devoted father, a loving husband and earned
the respect of all of Richie’s friends. He was an All-American
Dad ready with wise advise.

I started thinking about their lives and all the good that followed
them to their death. They impacted so many lives through their
television characters and instilled many morals and values in
our lives. They shaped a part of who I am and what I believe
to be good and wholesome. I will miss them both and am grateful
for the wonderful memories of time spent in front of our console
black and white television with the pull on/off button, complete
with 3 national and 2 local channels. Those were the days. No
remote controls, VHS, DVD, Dish, Cable or

I also wondered about the impact of my life on those I came in
contact with . . . my family, friends, employees and all the other
nameless people I meet as I shop, work, worship, exercise, or
live around. What kind of person do they think I am . . . what
message am I sending to them as I keep my busy schedule?
You know . . . that is something I will never know . . . we never
really know what people really think of us . . . you know they
are not ever going to be completely honest.

Therefore, I need to live every day as if it were my last day to
touch the lives of the people I come in contact with. . . considering
what impression my words and actions are saying. I sincerely
desire to be a blessing to all the people that are put into my path
on a daily basis. I realize this is a hard and possibly impossible
task . . . but it is my desire . . . to be more like Jesus every day.

I want to leave a legacy . . . like Barbara and Tom . . . being
remembered for all the good in my life . . . this is my prayer
and my desire. May God give me the ability and the strength
to make this a reality.

Happy Decorating, Lisa

Posted by Meagan Walley at 4:58 PM