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Look what we made!

As a designer, I tend to see the world different than most people. When I go to a restaurant I am typically looking at the wall art, carpeting and lighting before I ever glance at the menu. When ?I stay at a hotel, I sometimes wonder what year they decorated the rooms or why they chose a particular color scheme. At church this past Sunday, I wondered if the carpet was blue or green . . . and the paint on the walls was a bit too taupe for my taste. I guess all professions have the same problems . . .does a hairdresser always think of new ways for strangers to wear their hair? Does my dentist look at people’s teeth and wonder when their last cleaning occurred? It is something to think about . . .isn’t it?

In my own home, I sometimes need a second opinion. I realize you might find this hard to believe, but it happens more than you can imagine. I know something is not quite right in my room, but cannot figure out exactly what is wrong. To the average person it would appear fine . . but I know something is missing. This happened with my living room in my home I have livedin 15 months. Something was not quite right . . . and I couldntquite figure out what it was. At first, I removed the rug . . . I thought it was too busy. I ordered a solid rug. Then I took out the chairs, moved them to the den. I replaced with some chairs from the attic . . . big mistake! Too Small! What was wrong?

I called for HELP! I asked Ashley Toney for a “house call”.She came immediately and stated that everything was up on legs and I had nothing skirted. That was it! She also looked up and told me that I needed to replace my light fixture . . . I hadn’t noticed it until that very moment . . . now I am so embarrassed! I must get a new one! She also suggested a skirted table and a skirted ottoman to replace my “leggy” coffee table.

Well . . . . . . I immediately got started. I could make one.Vince said he would make a frame the following weekend. On the way to work on Friday, I spotted a “Garage Sale”sign, and the rest is history. They had a country “coffee table” that I knew was the right size for my ottoman. So, at work on Friday my workroom got busy making the skirt, over skirt etc. for my creation. And . . . . for less than $100, we made this ottoman. It took about 2 hours in sewing and stapling . . . but it turned out very cute.

Is there something at your home that could be re-purposed
for something else? Take a look around . . . the possibilities
are endless.

Happy Decorating,

Posted by Meagan Walley at 9:17 PM