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Welcome Back

Welcome back to our "Your Home Can Be Happy".
I have missed y'all so very much. I hope your
Christmas blessed and many memories were
made to be cherished for years to come.

Christmas with my first grand baby w
as priceless.
She is now 18 months old and enjoyed Christmas
very much this year. Having a child to enjoy all the
magic of Christmas with is one of the highlights of
the holidays for me this year.
youngest daughter Ashley became engaged this
Christmas as well. We are so excited for her and our
future son-in-law, Cannon Smalley. She is so happy
and busy making wedding plans. When? . . . well,
we are working on that. More to come about all
the details later.
Also, we wanted to let you all know that our money
from our Christmas Home Tour went to a girl whom
God laid on our heart to help this year. Her family
has had a hard year this year, and God laid her on
several hearts as the person to help. It was a blessing
to us to have the opportunity to spread joy to her this year.

Now, let's get down to business. Did you make a New
Year's resolution this year? Was it to lose weight, be
more organized, stop smoking, or exercise more? Most
people make them, but few keep them! Studies show that
if you can keep them until Valentine's Day, you will most
likely achieve your goal. It takes 6 weeks for something
to become a habit. Now that is not very long . . . is it?
Surely you can keep it going for 6 weeks . . . can't you?

If your goal is to be more organized in 2011, here are
some things that may help:

Label boxes with TRASH -DONATE - STORE

Take on one closet, drawer, or cabinet a day.

Put items in one of the boxes. Keep in a handy place.

NOTE: If you want to keep an item, but only use it once
a year, store it in attic with similar items. Put shelving
in your attic to neatly store these item.

If you haven't worn or used an item in the last year,
get rid of it. Don't save clothes that don't fit . . .
chances are . . . they never will. Don't save
them for a tacky Halloween costume either!
Don't save clothing waiting for them to come back
in style . . . if you wore them when they were
in style . . . you will be too old to wear them
when they come back around again!

Hope this helps you in your quest for organization.

This month our store special will be:

Tell the clerk at our store "My Home will be Happy in 20ll"
and receive 20% off any one regular price accessory this month.

Happy Decorating,


Posted by Meagan Walley at 4:18 PM