Using Our Design Services

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Using Our Design Services

Your home; the place you love to be, a place to share with the ones you love and create memories that are not forgotten, a place of refuge where you can sigh and say " It's good to be home."At First Fruit Collection we have a passion to help you transform your home to the enchanted place you've always dreamed about. Our design staff is here to help you realize your dream. We welcome you to come in and let us help you make selections to turn your dream into reality.
Many of you try to design your rooms on your own, never realizing why it doesn't turn out the way you like. I see it every day with photos brought in for me to view. They want to buy something to "Fix" the room. They are working without a plan and without knowledge of design. I often ask women why they are trying to decorate on their own, without the help of an interior designer. Their response is "I can't afford a designer!" My response is "A designer is worth every penny when you add up the money spent on mistakes and poor purchases." Our designers have years of experience with paint, fabric, furniture placement and window treatments that will transform your room into a space you'll love. Come by and set up an In-Home Consultation or let us help you in the store with selections for your home. We love to help make your home "Happy."
Lisa Hood

Posted by Meagan Walley at 2:54 PM