What is your Decorating Style?

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What is your Decorating Style?

Do you know your decorating style? What do you like, what catches your eye when you flip through a magazine, what makes you say, “ I love that!” Are you:

Shabby Chic, Oriental, Eclectic, Cottage, Traditional, Modern, French Country or Urban?

Most shoppers wander through furniture stores without a clue. They make poor purchases and put a little of many styles together never really knowing what is wrong with their room. They don’t really know what style they really love and how to achieve
the look they long to have in their home.

How to know your style:

Start by collecting photos from magazines of pictures of rooms you love. Compile hundreds of them. Then, look through them an try to find a common element. Are they all a monochromatic color scheme? Are they full of color? Is there antique furniture? You should be able to see a common thread that should lead you to know what you like. Once you figure out what style you like, do research on it. Go to the library and check out books, go shopping to stores that specialize in your look, or subscribe to magazines that cater to your style.

Once you start making purchases and decorating choices for your home, follow the
things you have learned about your style. Keep your portfolio of photos handy to refer to when you are shopping. Try to purchase like items that you loved in the photos.

Most important, once you have determined your style, stick to it. Don’t be influenced by outside advice from well meaning friends. You have done your homework, you know what you like, so go for it. Happy Decorating.

Lisa Hood, Owner - Interior Designer

Posted by Meagan Walley at 3:46 PM