Happy Beach Vacation

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Happy Beach Vacation

While I am on vacation this week we have been taking long morning walks along the beach. I have enjoyed this more than anything else this week. We have found some seashells worthy of taking home, found a porcupine fish washed up on the beach, and rescued some shiny silver fish before the seagulls found them, and even rescued a seahorse that we first thought was a worm. Our walks have been very interesting, full of sea life, unusual tattoos, physiques that need larger swimsuits, and lots of sand.

I have been exposed to all the beach decor in all the shops and restaurants, etc. and started wondering how I would decorate a beach house if I owned one. We even picked out one we liked in an area called Watercolor. It was adorable, all the houses were painted pastel colors with large front porches with swings. Everyone rode bicycles everywhere and there were families everywhere with their children. It was like a storybook, it was love at first sight. What would I do, how would I decorate this cottage? Would I have coral, parrots, seashells, palms, fish, boats, and all the other beach decor? Could this decor make this country french girl happy? I don’t think so! I have had a lot of time to ponder this, and I know I would have to put my french touch on it. I wondered if I moved First Fruit Collection to the beach if my style would be accepted? What if I started “flipping” condos and decorated them “happy”? Would they sell, or would I go broke? Oh, the things you think about when you are on vacation.

Anyway, what I would do is keep it “happy” with all my happy touches, but I think I would go a bit softer on the base color. Like keeping everything a soft color with pops of color in my pillows, lamps, accessories, etc. I would do a soft neutral with natural fabrics of soft robin egg blue and cream and taupe. I would pop lime green, coral, and chocolate. Oh my what am I thinking?

I think I have had too much time to dream this week. Don’t worry, First Fruit Collection is safe in Collierville. A girl can dream. I’ll be back to reality next week and back to Collierville.
Happy Decorating, Lisa

Posted by Meagan Walley at 2:21 PM