Inviting Guest Rooms

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Inviting Guest Rooms

The art of hospitality wasn't invented by Southerners , but we certainly have perfected it. I'm sure you all know what a "happy" is . . . . . . you do if you are from the South. Several years ago I was wrapping a little gift for a customer who was traveling from up North. I commented on her taking the "happy" back home to her friend. She looked at me with a very puzzled look and said "Pardon?" I said a "happy", and she responded "What is a happy?" I proceeded to try to explain what it was, something you take if someone is sick, feeling down, having a birthday, or just because. She didn't seem to get it, sad to say. Anyway, I try to always bring a " happy" if I am a guest in someones home, invited over for dinner, or for any occasion that may call for one. There are many occasions to give them, just start looking!

Anyway, I am getting off subject on what I really what to say. What I want to talk about it our guest rooms. It is now vacation season and many of you are probably going to be having overnight guests staying in your homes. Have you took a look around your guest room. Is it a place you would want to stay? Is the mattress one that was discarded because it was old and worn out? What does it smell like? Is it musty and stale? Would you want to stay there if you were a visitor?

A guest room should be a "home away from home" for visitors, and making people feel cared is your job when you have overnight guests. Offer your guests the best room you have! Don't skimp on the furnishings and accessories. Your room should be bathed in a palette of cool, calming colors with plenty of light. A guest room is a wonderful place to showcase unusual or antique fabrics because these are areas that aren't frequently used and won't be subject to so much wear and tear.

Wash the sheets and blankets before your guests arrive. Spray with a linen spray. Thoroughly clean room including the closet. The little touches will make your guests' stay a memorable one. Fill the guest rooms with amenities, such as fresh flowers, a scented candle, bottled water and fruit. Don't neglect the necessities visitors will need for a comfortable stay, such as an alarm clock, extra hangers in the closet, luxurious towels and wash cloths, and extra pillows and blankets. Stock the guest bathroom with petite bottles of hair care and styling products, shower gels, toiletry items, and a hair dryer. Be sure to include the latest magazines that may cater to your guests interests. Above all else, cherish those people that come to stay, enjoy them and devote your time to them while they are guests in your home. God has blessed us with friends and families to share our homes with. Consider these people a gift from Him.

If you are a guest in someone's home this year, please remember to write a thank you and always take a "happy" with you for your hostess!

Here is my guest room in my home. I hope my guests that are coming next weekend will make themselves at home while they are with me. We are always so glad to see them.
A well stocked cupboardSparkling clean bath
Handy luggage rack
Comfortable chair
Luxurious bed & reading chair

Happy Decorating,

Posted by Meagan Walley at 6:01 PM