So Many Things Happening...

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So Many Things Happening...

As the weather begins to change and we say "Good-Bye" to Summer, First Fruit Collection is preparing for a VERY busy October! Our fall merchandise is out on the floor..we have arrangements, table runners, pumpkins, and precious owls just waiting for a comfy nest in your home! Not only is October our preparation month for Thanksgiving, it's the revealing of our Christmas Decor!! Our annual Christmas Open House begins October 22 and will end on the 27th. And, in order to make some extra space for this event, we will be having a SALE the first 2 weeks of October (1-20). Drum-roll, please.... 15% off all in-stock furniture!!

Next on the list is... the Vesta Home Show at St. James Place in Germantown. Although, we were not able to design the entire house, we have had the honor of contributing. All lighting, bathroom, and finish design has been completed by FFC. It has been such a fulfilling and fun experience! We'd love for everyone to come out to see our work and vote! The Vesta Home show begins October 6th and comes to an end on the 28th.

As a side note, Meredith and I are going to High Point Market in North Carolina from the 12-16th. Things will be trickling in upon our return! Perfect time to ask for a FFC Gift Card for Christmas.

Lets recap some dates:
*SALE*: October 1-20
Vesta Home Show: October 6-28
Market: October 12-16
Christmas Open House: October 22-27

Hope to see everyone around the store and Vesta show this month!

Happy Everything!
Ashley and the Girls at FFC

Posted by Candace Joseph at 8:01 AM