Blog - March 2011

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I have never been interested in fine jewelry. The only fine jewelry I have owned has been my wedding ring. I haven't had to worry about safety deposit boxes or my home being broken into and all my fine jewelry being stolen. I had always worn what I called "Junk Jewelry"which was always purchased to go with a particular outfit. My daughter, Ashley, has other interests. If it is shiny, gold, silver, diamond, ruby, and expensive . . . she loves it. She has always loved jewelry . . . she... Read More
Posted by Meagan Walley at Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wall Covering

Do you have a horror story about wall covering . . . how you have spend hours, days, even months steaming, scraping, picking, peeling, sanding, and floating your drywall? Have you sworn never to ever paper again? I have been there, several times as a matter of fact . . . swearing to never hang a piece of wallpaper again! You wonder what you were thinking . . . all those ivy vines and marching geese of days gone by. What was I thinking? Well . . . . to be honest, I love... Read More
Posted by Meagan Walley at Friday, March 4, 2011